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Resident calls out government's ad campaign targeting clean energy: 'A disgraceful use of our tax dollars'

"Just one embarrassment after another."

"Just one embarrassment after another."

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In a TikTok video, user The Goose (@the_goose_media) shared his outrage over news coming out of Alberta.

In western Canada, in the province of Alberta, citizens are furious over an extreme waste of taxpayer money spent on a government ad campaign that aimed to discourage replacing dirty energy sources with renewable energy sources.

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The Edmonton Journal reported that on Sept. 28, 2023, premier Danielle Smith announced an $8 million government ad campaign called "Tell the Feds." This campaign was seen as pushback against Ottawa's proposed clean electricity regulations which are part of their plan to transition Canada's electricity grid to net-zero by 2035.

One TikToker commented, "I'm [from] Alberta and the UCP is just one embarrassment after another."

The Alberta government ad campaign claimed that the proposed regulations would cause costly power bills and, according to Smith, would create a power grid "based on unreliable energy sources." These remarks and other parts of the campaign aimed to encourage Canadians to protest the regulations.

Only a few months later, in January this year, temperatures took a nosedive to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the extreme cold came the need for more electricity, causing major strain on the power grid. The Alberta Electric System Operators even had to issue a grid alert that warned they may need to begin rolling power outages.

According to Reuters, last year Alberta postponed work on renewable energy projects, and dirty energy sources still provide most of Alberta's electricity.

In his video, The Goose refers to this ad campaign disaster as "8 million of taxpayer money down the drain" after also sharing that the government had taken down their campaign website.

Citizens became furious that so much taxpayer money was wasted on ads to convince them that dirty energy options were reliable, and then months later, their natural gas-powered electric grid couldn't keep up with their needs.

It's important for people to educate themselves about climate issues, be aware of signs to look for regarding greenwashing, and vote for pro-climate politicians who will work to ensure your local area is on the right track with making advancements that are environmentally friendly. 

In response to the TikTok video, one user commented, "8 million [dollars] into the pockets of party friendly businesses."

"Absolutely a disgraceful use of our tax dollars!" another agreed. 

Another responded, "Quebec has a grid that's almost entirely renewables and no grid alerts."

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