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Company makes crucial home upgrade possible for homeowners in several US states: 'The shortcut to achieving energy independence'

"It saves your wallet and the planet."

"It saves your wallet and the planet."

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It's getting easier and easier to access clean, renewable solar energy in the United States. Now, one company is offering consumers a way to get solar energy in their homes that is "as effortless as ordering pizza," as CleanTechnica described it. 

BLUETTI, which launched in Texas last year, is now also available in California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. The company offers free consultations as well as solar energy systems — complete with solar panels and battery storage — that are customized for each home, handling the paperwork and permit applications, installation, and inspections.

"BLUETTI Solar+ makes it easier to embrace solar energy, transforming you from just an energy consumer to a clean energy producer. It saves your wallet and the planet, contributing to a more sustainable future," said Francisco Brown, BLUETTI's Texas Branch CEO.

Solar energy has indeed been shown to save homeowners money on energy bills in the long run. It also produces far less air pollution and far fewer planet-overheating gases than traditional forms of dirty energy such as gas and oil.

BLUETTI said that it targeted the states it is currently in because of their propensity for power outages, meaning that consumers there need their own source of power and energy storage even more than most.

"Solar+ is the shortcut to achieving energy independence through solar energy. From equipment manufacturing to design, financing, installation, and ongoing service, we handle every aspect of the solar switch with premium care, saving both time and money for our customers. They only need to deal with one brand and use one app to control everything," Brown said.

At least one CleanTechnica commenter agreed that the service can be worth it, writing: "As someone who has solar plus storage …  Bottom line, the battery has paid for itself in MA (as compared to installing a fossil fuel backup generator), in TX it's really just insurance for outages and doesn't provide any return on investment."

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