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Here's how to snag a pair of high-quality, decades-lasting boots for less than half the original cost

A good pair of cowboy boots can last a lifetime.

Cowboy boots

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A good pair of cowboy boots can last a lifetime or longer. But they don't have to spend that entire time in your closet. If you're ready to let your cowboy boots go, Ariat wants to help find them a new home with its Reboot program.

How does Ariat's Reboot program work?

Ariat's Reboot program helps you sell your worn Western or English Riding boots. 

To participate in the program, find your qualifying boots in the Ariat catalog online. The site helps you build your listing. Then, once your boots have been sold, print out the prepaid shipping label and send your boots to their new home.

The new buyer has three days to accept the order. After the boots have been accepted, you can take 70% of the sale in cash or 100% in store credit to use on the Ariat site (not the Ariat Reboot platform, however).

You don't need to list an item in order to shop at Ariat Reboot. You can browse its collections of boots at any time.

Why should I buy or sell through Ariat's Reboot program?

Cowboy boots are generally not cheap. When new, Ariat boots can set you back more than $200. 

Shopping used items can cut that investment by more than half. And even though you can find new cowboy boots for less, quality is the key here. Cheaper boots aren't going to last you nearly as long as a pair of well-made boots. 

Ariat boots are made to last, and nothing's better than an already broken-in pair of boots anyway, right? Like Ariat says, preloved just means "worn in, not out."

"World-class design and craftsmanship mean every Ariat boot is built to last," Ariat writes on its website. "Ariat Reboot makes it easy to sell and shop pre-owned, helping our boots stay where they belong: in the stirrup, on the ranch, or by the door, waiting for their next adventure."

There are other motivations to sell and shop on Ariat Reboot. The company says reselling boots not only keeps them out of landfills but can also "give someone else a chance to love them."

"Buying pre-owned is a way to reduce the environmental impact of your fashion choices," Ariat says on the Reboot website. "The production of new clothing requires a large amount of natural resources. Buying one used item reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprints by 82%." 

That makes the boots good for the planet and good for your wallet. 

Are there other programs like Ariat's Reboot program?

The resale and trade-in market is booming right now, and that means you can trade in items you might never have even thought about. Nikon, for example, is taking back used cameras for credit toward newer gear.

Outdoor giant Patagonia is also interested in taking back your used clothing and gear for credit toward new items.

And over in France, you can earn $4,000 by trading your car for an electric bike.

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