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Amazon advances its electrification efforts with fleet of heavy-duty electric trucks: 'The electronics inside of it are quite impressive'

"They built a great vehicle for us."

"They built a great vehicle for us."

Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon is deploying 50 new trucks with an exciting design feature: They're all electric. 

The new heavy-duty electric vehicles will operate out of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, transporting shipping containers and packages between Amazon facilities, according to Axios.

While Amazon shopped around for different providers, the company landed on the Volvo Class 8 VNR electric truck. "They built a great vehicle for us," Adam Baker, vice president of North American and European Union transportation and global mile, said. He noted superior ergonomics and comfort for drivers, including updated features to make operating the trucks easier on the knees. He also said the trucks offer unprecedented quietness.

"The electronics inside of it are quite impressive," Baker said.

The new EV big rigs have features such as lane assist and active collision avoidance, providing a safer experience for truck drivers and others on the road.

Amazon has announced on its website its goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions across its operations by 2040.

The Volvo electric trucks are only part of the plan to reach those goals. Amazon already has thousands of Rivian electric delivery vans in use, and hundreds of other companies have joined the company in a Climate Pledge

While this EV fleet is just one step toward Amazon's goals, it's an impactful one. The fewer gas-powered vehicles on the road, the better for everyone. Vehicles powered by dirty energy sources release harmful pollution into the air that can cause asthma and harm the environment. EVs save consumers money and are better for our planet. 

New developments in the world of EVs are happening regularly. Tesla has introduced its own electric Semi truck and began limited production in 2022. The Indiana Department of Transportation also announced the construction of the first-ever segment of road that can charge EVs of varying sizes as they drive. 

The future is looking bright for the expansion of EVs for both everyday consumers and shipping behemoths such as Amazon.

"During the day, we're expecting them to be able to make two or three trips from the port, which is about what we do with our regular vehicles," Baker said.

With every new development, EVs are becoming better at replacing gas-powered vehicles.

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