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Tesla impresses another new company using its Semi trucks: 'We've been able to push these tractors well beyond expectations'

"The Tesla Semi experience has been impressive since day one."

"The Tesla Semi experience has been impressive since day one."

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Tesla delivered two of its highly anticipated electric Semi trucks to a new customer, Martin Brower, for a pilot program that pushed the vehicles "well beyond expectations." This marked a major expansion of Tesla's semi program beyond its initial partnership with PepsiCo, as Electrek detailed.

The Tesla Semi, unveiled in 2017, was delayed but entered limited production in late 2022. Martin Brower, a major logistics company specializing in restaurant supply chains, received two trucks earlier this year to put them through their paces in real-world operations.

Five MB drivers were trained on the unique central seating position and advanced features of the Tesla Semi, which aim to enhance driver visibility and safety.

"The Tesla Semi rises above any other tractor with mobility, center seat configuration, and precise movement that allows the driver to navigate safely," driver Casey Kamp raved.

For businesses, adopting electric semis can mean big savings on fuel and maintenance costs compared to diesel trucks. But the benefits go beyond the bottom line — EVs mean cleaner air for communities living near highways and warehouses. Fewer toxic diesel fumes is a win for public health.

Tesla says the Semi can travel an impressive 500 miles on a charge while hauling a full load, making it competitive with conventional trucks. Lower operating costs sweeten the deal for fleet operators looking to go green without breaking the bank.

"The Tesla Semi experience has been impressive since day one," MB assistant transportation manager Megan Yamaguchi said. "We've been able to push these tractors well beyond expectations and look forward to our electric future."

With hundreds of trucks operating out of dozens of distribution centers, MB plans to review the results of this program before electrifying its fleet. But if the enthusiastic driver feedback and strong performance are any indication, Tesla's electric Semis are poised to transform the trucking industry.

Cleaner, quieter, and more cost-effective goods movement is on the horizon, and that's good news for everyone who breathes air and buys products. When industry giants such as MB take the lead, the road ahead looks electric.

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