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Porsche's new solid-state battery will let its electric models travel a mind-blowing 800 miles before having to recharge

"Other companies, such as Tesla and General Motors, are also investing in new battery technologies."

800-mile range battery will change EV industry

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While Porsche has long been known as the maker of sleek, high-performance sports cars, its latest project is bringing that same performance to the world of electric vehicles — with a car that can drive up to 800 miles without needing to recharge. 

This is certainly on the higher end of mileage that electric cars are capable of, proving that big car manufacturers are committing to investments in the future of EVs. 

Porsche has increased investment in solid-state battery technology to create a battery with 50% greater energy density, meaning it can hold a charge for much longer than most other EVs. The technology could also lead to faster charging times.

While the new batteries are not being added to purchasable cars just yet, it is expected in the near future.

Porsche is committed to increasing the sales of electric cars, stating that it expects to make more than 80% of its sales of EVs by 2030.

These goals, combined with the fact that Porsche is a well-known luxury car brand, could increase the sales of electric cars overall. The announcement comes as top EV manufacturers like Tesla and Ford have made electric cars more accessible by lowering prices. 

And, like Porsche, many of these companies are trying to expand their cars' battery capacities, too. 

"Other companies, such as Tesla and General Motors, are also investing in new battery technologies," TorqueNews reported. 

Tesla recently announced a big change to how it sources the lithium-ion batteries in its EVs, and the range of many of its models is continuing to increase. One experimental battery recently allowed a Model S to travel over 750 miles without recharging. 

These developments are also a major benefit for drivers since it means less time waiting for an EV to charge — and a lot more time driving before having to stop for a recharge.

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