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This EV battery can travel over 750 miles on a single charge: 'Fundamentally reinvent the battery'

The battery was able to power a Tesla Model S for an incredible 752 miles across Michigan on a single charge.

Fast EV Gemini battery

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The Gemini battery from manufacturer Our Next Energy (ONE) promises to give electric vehicles a greater range than ever before.

In a December 2021 road test, ONE's first Gemini prototype was able to power a Tesla Model S for an incredible 752 miles across Michigan on a single charge, according to the company's website

A third party validated the impressive results using a vehicle dynamometer.

Cars that rely on electricity offer numerous benefits. They're quieter than traditional combustion engine models, they're convenient to charge at an at-home EV charging station, and they don't produce any exhaust fumes that contribute to air pollution.

However, it's been difficult to drive long distances in an EV because the batteries could only hold a limited electrical charge, and charging stations were difficult to find on the road. 

These problems stopped some potential users from making the switch to electric despite all the benefits. 

Now, as more advanced batteries like Gemini hit the market and charging stations become more common, the range of EVs has increased dramatically, making it easier than ever to choose to invest in an EV. The more that people switch to EVs, the quieter our roads and cleaner our air will be.

Besides being more efficient, Gemini is more environmentally friendly to produce than past EV batteries. According to ONE, it uses almost 20% less lithium than earlier models, and 60% less graphite, so it takes less mining to produce each battery. Reduced mining activity means reduced pollution.

If you're interested in an EV with Gemini, watch for upcoming changes to the iX electric SUV from BMW. ONE announced that the iX with Gemini is expected to have an estimated range of 965 kilometers, or almost 600 miles. 

Baris Guzel, a partner at BMW i Ventures, is optimistic about the partnership, saying, "Our Next Energy is working to fundamentally reinvent the battery while focusing on sustainability, safety, and cost; three key factors which will help speed the development and adoption of battery electric vehicles."

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