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Yoplait just made a major change to its yogurt cups — and the result is turning into a money-saving kitchen hack

Customers thanked the brand for hearing them out.

Reusable glass yogurt containers

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Yoplait's new reusable glass yogurt containers allow you to reuse your food containers while enjoying your breakfast.

Yoplait's Oui yogurt is the brand's French-style yogurt line. Unlike other yogurts, French yogurt is made in individual containers instead of in one big batch. Because each serving of yogurt is made in the container it is sold in, many French yogurts are made in reusable pots

While many kinds of yogurt are sold in single-use plastic containers, Oui packages its yogurt in small glass pots that can be washed and reused. Now, Oui is offering reusable plastic lids to accompany the glass pots. The pots are the perfect size for storing snacks, crafting materials, and more. The lids are available in blue and clear plastic.

Single-use plastics are choking our landfills and waterways. These plastics can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose. Around 36% of plastics are used for packaging, including food and beverage packaging, and 85% of those plastics end up in landfills. 

By using glass containers and offering reusable lids for those containers, Oui is preventing plastics from ending up in landfills or polluting the natural environment. Instead of throwing out the containers after finishing breakfast, Oui customers can save their glass pots and repurpose them for storage.

Fulfilled Utah (@fulfilledutah), a zero-waste store and refill shop, shared a photo of an empty Oui yogurt container on Instagram and wrote, "Thank you Yoplait and Oui by Yoplait for coming up with a reusable solution to your product. Now I can reuse the glass jars for my kids' snacks!"

"We sprout our avocado seeds in the glass jars!" another commenter wrote.

Oui has shared dozens of ideas for reusing its glass jars. From candle holders to plant pots to table centerpieces, there are all sorts of opportunities to get creative with how you repurpose your containers.

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