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Customer slams restaurant after being deceived when ordering dinner: 'They can't even do the bare minimum'

"Ask them how much for double meat, they'll gladly tell you a higher price."

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An ever-increasing number of people are shying away from meat products and adopting vegetarian or vegan diets. Some motivations for doing so include health-related reasons, opposing animal cruelty, and wanting to contribute to the health of our planet. 

Some businesses, however, have been less than accommodating to these customers.

One Redditor recently found that to be the case when they visited a restaurant called Tucker's Shuckers Oysters & Tap in Lake Ozark, Missouri, in August. They posted an image of the "vegetarian menu" they received there to the r/vegetarian subreddit.

Tucker Shuckers
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"I'm not usually fussy at all. But this is the s******** 'vegetarian menu' I've ever seen," they wrote.

The menu in question is labeled "VEGETARIAN MENU," but practically every item contains meat, with the words "ORDER WITHOUT MEAT" or "ORDER WITHOUT CHICKEN" printed below each one. There are no changes to the prices except in some instances when it costs $1 more to order a black bean burger instead of a beef burger.

For example, a vegetarian customer has the option to order the steak fondue, which consists of "bite size steak & bread pieces served with our house-made Queso for dipping" at a price point of $15.99 with "NO STEAK & DOUBLE BREAD" also available, for $15.99.

While the restaurant is popular in the area and has a 4.5-star rating on Trip Advisor, even those who don't eat vegetarian would have to say that's not a very thoughtful menu for accommodating a friend or family member who does.

According to many studies, including one from Stanford University scientists, phasing out animal agriculture — in particular, beef production — and switching to plant-based diets would have a massively positive impact on the health of our planet. Decreasing the demand for meat, and the resources and pollution associated with meeting that demand, would combat the overheating of our planet while also saving huge amounts of water and lessening water pollution.

However, it is discouraging to see restaurants (and other businesses) that not only fail to accommodate vegetarian and vegan customers but are also borderline disrespectful to them.

The other members of the r/vegetarian subreddit were appalled by the menu.

"Making black bean patties cost extra will NEVER cease to amaze me," wrote one commenter.

"Ask them how much for double meat, they'll gladly tell you a higher price. Ask em for the price w/out meat, and they'll happily tell you there's no way to figure that out," wrote another.

"Yeah. Its been 20+ years for me. I just outright avoid places like this. No reason at all to give them business if they can't even do the bare minimum," wrote a third.

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