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Redditor shares money-saving hack for using up stale tortillas: 'They look like crap but they taste good'

"The more stale, the more crunch they will have."

Leftover tortillas

Photo Credit: u/radisonmain / Reddit

Sometimes cutting back on waste in your kitchen can be a fun challenge that gives you an excuse to try fun, tasty cooking projects in order to use up all your food. 

Take, for example, this Reddit user, who recently posted to the r/ZeroWaste subreddit: "Turning unused tortillas into chips is my favorite therapy."

While we cannot officially recommend this as a substitute for traditional therapy, we have absolutely no problem cosigning the creation of a bunch of fresh, delicious tortilla chips.

Not only is turning old tortillas into chips a great way to keep food from ending up in a landfill — where it would release planet-warming gases as it decomposes —but it's also incredibly easy.

Take it from the original poster. Responding to one commenter, who asked whether the process was hard, they laid the whole thing out, writing: "About as hard as inhaling and exhaling! I make sure my tortillas are left out overnight, the more stale the more crunch they will have. I like to bake them, all you do is stick them in a single layer on a sheet, bake at 350F for 5-7 minutes each side! Toss with salt and you're done." 

Other Reddit users also chimed in with their tips and tricks as well. And it turns out the easy process of converting tortillas to tortilla chips can get even easier.

"I wait for mine to get stale and just snap them randomly," wrote one commenter. "They look like crap but they taste good."

"You can also make crunchy taco shells by hanging them over the oven racks," wrote another. "Make sure to hang them over two bars instead of one, or they'll be too narrow to add fillings."

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