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Mom shares the 'brilliant' hack she uses to get her kids to eat healthy snacks: '[They] didn't even notice'

This genius food waste hack turns uneaten yogurt into a frozen treat.

Turn Yogurt into tasty frozen treats, healthy snack hack

Photo Credit : @citron.australia/ Tiktok

A genius food waste hack turns uneaten yogurt into a frozen treat courtesy of this TikTok mom.

The scoop

TikToker citron.australia (@citron.australia) posted a video showing off the "brilliant" trick she uses to turn uneaten yogurt into a frozen treat for her kids. 

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In the video, the TIkToker says her kids are no longer interested in eating pouched yogurt, so she wanted to find a way to use it up without tossing it out as it was nearing its expiration date.

The pouches make for easy dolloping, much like a baking piping bag. The user squeezes the yogurt into little medallions, adds a few colorful sprinkles on top, and pops them in the freezer for frozen treats for the kids.

How it's helping

Keeping food waste to a minimum is so important, especially when it's animal-derived. Cows are one of the biggest producers of methane, a planet-warming gas more potent than carbon. Animals are key drivers of agricultural pollution and account for a whopping 14.5% of all global pollution, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization.

And uneaten food of any kind is costing consumers billions of dollars every year. In the U.S. alone, it's estimated to cost more than $218 billion, according to data from the EPA.

Plus, dairy products use far more resources than similar plant-based snack foods. This dairy-free company recently added climate labels to its oat yogurt to help consumers make the most responsible choice.

What people are saying

One TikToker shared another idea. "You could also do yogurt-covered blueberries and freeze," they write.

Another user says their kid has also gone "anti-yogurt," and now they have so much in the fridge.

"Our kids love these and didn't even notice," the OP says

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