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Starbucks barista can't believe she was asked to do this at work: 'Anyone else feel so s***** and guilty?'

These products could be donated, gifted to loyal customers, or even simply offered to employees.

Starbucks employee to waste edible food

Photo Credit: u/adventuretimebee / Reddit

In an honest and disheartened post in the r/starbucks subreddit, one Starbucks employee shared their struggle with the waste they witnessed. 

The post features images of bags with plastic containers of sprinkles and toppings with the caption, "anyone else feel so s***** and guilty throwing away all the "old product" this was a whole trash can full (manager refused to donate)."

With food and packaging waste being a disturbingly common occurrence in the food and beverage industry, many people who work in the industry undoubtedly share the same sentiment. 

There are several ways to prevent products that may be past their best-by date — but are still very much edible — from going straight into the trash. If a close and consistent eye is kept on inventory, companies can avoid over-ordering from the very beginning to ensure they are not in this position. 

Companies can donate these products, give them to loyal customers, or even offer them to employees to take home so they can enjoy their own delicious creations. 

But what do you do when a manager refuses to donate or forces you to throw them away like the original poster experienced? According to one Redditor, who writes, "don't listen to them," you may have to take things into your own hands.

Luckily, this isn't the case across the board. Other Redditors shared their own experiences with food leftovers in the thread. 

"My manager let me and the other partners on shift take things home, so I have a toasted white mocha, Irish cream, toasted vanilla, sugar cookie and 2 things of barista coco powder," writes one user.

"Mine let us take home the toppings and syrups if we wanted them. i got a box full of caramel brûlée topping," writes another.

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