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Chef shares video of the mysterious, high-tech gadget that can cook food without fire or electricity: '[It] can cook anything'

This type of oven is especially convenient for activities like camping and backpacking.

Mysterious, high-tech Solar oven

Photo Credit: @acorn_land_labs / TikTok

A solar oven can cook just about anything — without the use of electricity or fire.

In a recent TikTok, user Acorn Land Labs (@acorn_land_labs) showed off a solar-powered oven that can cook foods using nothing but innovative design and heat from the sun.

@acorn_land_labs Sun + parabolic mirror + vacuum tube = delicious lunch! ☀️ 🐟 🥔 #sustainability #sustainable #gosun #solar #solaroven #aquaponics #localfood ♬ original sound - Acorn Land Labs

In the video, the user demonstrates how to use the solar oven, which is basically a long cylindrical tube inside a larger metal tube. The user loads the interior tray with food that he wants to prepare — tilapia, sweet potato, and green beans (home-grown, of course) — and then slots the inner tube back into the outer tube.

"It's really cool how this works," the user explains in the video's voiceover. "By keeping it oriented to the sun, all the sun rays bounce off the reflective panels and heat up the inside tube. The vacuum tube acts as a perfect insulator, converting 80% of the sun rays into heat."

The oven can reach a maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it should be able to handle almost any baking assignment at hand, according to the video. But the exterior doesn't get too hot, as the user touches it with their hand to show how safe it is. 

Some versions of the device can hold up to three pounds of food at a time and can cook food in as little as 10 minutes.

Finding alternative ways of cooking is vital for preserving our environment and maintaining our health. A recent study by the Rocky Mountain Institute indicated that gas stoves and ovens leak methane, which leads to the dangerous overheating of our planet and can cause significant health issues in humans, including respiratory issues like asthma.

Solar ovens are especially convenient for activities like camping and backpacking, as certain portable versions allow a hassle-free cooking opportunity without making a mess. Solar ovens and solar cookers are available for purchase now.

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