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This mushroom-heavy seafood boil is the ultimate low-cost dinner hack

The recipe avoids costly crab and shrimp, replacing them with heart of palm and mushrooms.

Mushroom-heavy seafood boil

When you think of a seafood boil, mushrooms probably aren't the first ingredients that come to mind. 

But that idea is getting turned on its head, thanks to a viral recipe from food influencer Jenna Wends (@jensplantbase). Wends' plant-based take on a traditional seafood boil isn't just delicious-looking, it can also save you plenty of cash at your next dinner party. 

According to SeafoodSource, seafood prices have increased even more than overall average groceries during the past year. The cost of seafood rose nearly 17% from July 2021 to July 2022. 

Wends' recipe, meanwhile, avoids the costly crab and shrimp, replacing them with heart of palm and a healthy portion of king oyster mushrooms. 

"In the world of options this is a recipe you have to save," Wends wrote when she shared the dish on Instagram

Wends starts by cooking corn, potatoes, and vegan sausage. Then she preps her "prawns" by cutting the mushrooms into circular, shrimp-like shapes. She then coats the mushrooms in corn flour and smoked paprika before frying them in oil. 

After that, she makes a hearty, spice-heavy sauce and adds it with her other ingredients into a large bag. Finally, she cuts the heart of palm into thin slices to resemble crab meat, and tosses it into the bag before baking everything for 10 minutes. 

Instagram users were blown away by the hack, calling it "unbelievable" and "delicious." 

"Love the look of this one," one commenter wrote.

"I cannot wait to make this next week," another added.

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