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Grocery shopper shares how they paid just $8 for a ridiculously big haul of produce: 'This is worth bragging about'

Other users are in awe of the amount of food the original poster got for $8.

Discount grocery store

Photo Credit: u/bugzrcool/ Reddit

In the r/Frugal subreddit, one Redditor posted a very successful haul from their local discount grocery store, where they scored a diverse bundle of produce.

How it works 

$8 worth of food at my local discount grocery yesterday (Pennsylvania, USA)
by u/bugzrcool in Frugal

The goods in this post were all purchased at a local discount grocery store, otherwise known as a salvage grocery store, in Pennsylvania. Their haul includes peppers, lemons, cabbage, purple cabbage, apples, red onions, a jar of pickles, romaine lettuce, peanuts, scallions, and turnips  –– all for just $8.

Discount grocery stores sell produce and products that have passed their marked sell dates, have damaged packaging, or were removed from traditional grocery stores for other reasons. These goods, however, are still nutritious and tasty. 

How it's helpful

Discount grocery stores have many advantages. Shoppers can get the food they need and want without having to pay typical grocery store prices, even getting a weeks' worth of produce for under $10, like this lucky shopper did.

These stores also help to prevent massive amounts of food waste. Produce, goods, and other food products that miss their window of being sold in conventional grocery stores typically end up going straight to landfills, where they quickly become both food and packaging waste. 

Discount grocery stores make sure that waste doesn't happen and give shoppers the chance to cut their grocery bill in half.

What everyone's saying

Redditors have shared their reactions to the post in the thread –– some are sharing their sheer amazement, while others are sharing their own experiences with discount grocery stores.

"Discount groceries / grocery salvages are amazing. I got 4 pre-made pie crusts and a 32 oz container of Greek Yogurt for $4 the one time I went there. Blew my mind," writes one user, leading another to suggest they turn their haul into a yogurt pie. 

Another redditor writes, "We regularly go to a discount store near us and practically fill the cart half the time. I'm always thinking 'great this is going to be well over $100' and it ends up being about $50 for a damn cart load."

Other users are in awe of the amount of food the original poster got for $8. "At one of my local supermarkets, that jar of pickles is probably around $7. Good haul," writes one user. "This is a haul worth bragging about," writes another.

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