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Frugal cook shares the tiny change that saved them tons of money on groceries: 'This is actually an excellent idea'

"That's a good first start."

Half-used onions

Photo Credit: u/wiwaszka / Reddit

It's easy to look at that half-onion or half-avocado you have left over and feel tempted to throw it out — especially if you don't know how to store it or don't have anything to store it in. 

But one Redditor is sharing the easy changes they made to stop throwing out unused food — and how they saved plenty of money in the process.

In their post, the user shares, "I looked up how to preserve half of [my] onions and learned to use an airtight container. Didn't have any bit [but] then spotted this jar that was about to be thrown out." 

Despite seeming small, this is a first step to being sustainable in the kitchen — which can also be a huge money saver. 

This is a great alternative to throwing out ingredients that you didn't use all of in a dish. Even if you don't think you'll be able to use up the ingredient before it goes bad, this gives you the chance to. It may even give you inspiration on a night when you're at a loss for what to eat for dinner. 

On top of that, the Redditor uses an old airtight jar, instead a disposable item like plastic wrap or a Ziploc bag that would need to be replenished. There are plastic containers made for storing ingredients like onions and avocados, but it's even more cost-effective and convenient to repurpose a used jar — and it saves that jar from ending up in a landfill. 

Commenters offered support and suggestions on sustainable practices that will save money

One suggests more items to store in repurposed jars: "I reused my sauce jars to store carrots to keep them fresh, used it for chocolate chips and mung beans as well." 

Others offered their pride and encouragement.

"This is actually an excellent idea and I commend you!!" one commenter writes.

"That's a good first start!!" another adds. "Welcome aboard — we're glad you're here!"

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