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Skeptic shares total shock after trying vegan staple for the first time: 'I thought you were all full of crap'

"Now I could go through a whole bag in a week."

vegan food with nutritional yeast

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It wasn't too long ago when the term "vegan" conjured up images of a bowl of bland green leaves or some kind of tasteless imitation burger. But as one Redditor discovered, this now couldn't be further from the truth.

After trying some Bob's Red Mill nutritional yeast — a key ingredient in many vegan dishes — the poster confesses, "I thought you all were full of crap. It couldn't be that tasty. It is, though. It really is. I'm addicted." 

Nutritional yeast, or "nooch" as it's sometimes called, is the go-to flavor enhancer for many vegan dishes and is often used as a substitute for cheese. 

Although this Reddit post focuses on one product widely used by the vegan community, the number and variety of plant-based goods have increased dramatically. According to the Vegan Society, there are 16,439 products with the "vegan" trademark that can be found in 87 countries around the world. 

And more and more people are turning toward plant-based foods as a part of their diet. In a 2022 worldwide survey conducted by Rakuten, 44% of respondents said they have tried plant-based meat and over 80% said they have tried plant-based milk. The same survey showed that health and animal welfare were the two main reasons for the trend.

These foods have a major effect on our planet. A recent Oxford Martin School study found that plant-based meat alternatives were responsible for between 10% to 20% of the environmental impact as real meat. 

For many, animal welfare, health, and helping the planet are enough reasons to make the change to a vegan lifestyle. But as the Reddit comments show, many are discovering that there is a tasty side to this menu as well. 

"The first time I tried it, I couldn't finish the dish. Now I could go through a whole bag in a week if I didn't have self-control," comments one Redditor. 

Another poster explains, "Like many others, I also was kind of turned off when I first tried it. But now I'm only happy if I can dump half a cup of it on my pasta."

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