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TikToker reveals how she gets high-end snacks and produce for a fraction of the cost: 'I think we did good for $35'

"And they have organic stuff."

Misfits Market haul of high-end snacks and produce

Photo Credit: @doloresrenee/ Tiktok

One TikToker is sharing how she bought a massive order of groceries for just $35 — and saved some "misfits" in the process — thanks to an innovative online service and a handy coupon.

The scoop

In her video, TikToker Dolores Renee (@doloresrenee) pulls out a variety of yummy-looking foods from a box from Imperfect Foods, also known as Misfits Market. This mail-order food service offers organic, sustainable products for a discount. 

In her video, Renee shows off a bag of toasted corn crackers, broken hazelnuts, dark chocolate coconut bars, lemons, seedless raisins, hormone-free pork sausage, bacon ends and pieces, burger patties, a few packs of chicken wings, and some heirloom tomatoes.

"I think we did good for $35," her caption reads.

@doloresrenee I think we did good for $35 😌 #imperfectfood #groceryhaul #groceryshopping #comewithme #imperfectfoods #groceries #foodwaste @imperfectfoods ♬ original sound - Dolores Renee

The entire order should have totaled $65, but Renee explains that she had a coupon the company sent her because she used to shop with them a lot. Renee admits that the service had become a bit pricey for her, which prompted her to stop buying from them.

However, there is still reason to order from Imperfect Foods, she says.

"Now, I do like the fact that they have all of these meats, way more than this, that [are] antibiotic free, nitrate free, all that good stuff," she says. "And they have organic stuff. And they have a lot of stuff that I would never normally buy or even have in my area because I live in an urban area."

How it's helping

While some of the food prices may be a bit steep, Imperfect Foods could still end up saving organic shoppers some serious cash. 

Its website boasts that customers can save up to 40% on groceries, with an average weekly savings of more than $25. Products like Late July gluten-free tortilla chips are listed at 29% off the list price, while organic small limes are half off. 

But it's not just about keeping money in your wallet. Imperfect Foods' mission is to fight food waste. Each year, Americans throw out an estimated 80 billion pounds of food, and grocery stores account for about 9.6 billion pounds of that.

"We take in high-quality organic produce that sometimes looks a little different," Misfits Market says on its website. "Fruits and veggies that are too big, too small, or just sort of funny-looking." 

The company also fights food waste by working with farmers and food suppliers and taking in excess inventory and items with fast-approaching "best-by" dates.

Misfits Market is just one of many ways to save money on groceries while helping to prevent food waste. For example, Flashfood partners with grocery stores to sell food that is about to expire.

What everyone's saying

Renee's followers were enthusiastic about her haul, commenting about some of the specific items she shared.

"Wagyu beef is really good, very flavorful," one person commented.

Another said, "Those raisins are soooo good! I used them in my oatmeal."

"I get the feeling 'urban area' means something else," another person said, with Renee replying, "It means since I live in a majority Black neighborhood our stores have the most basic things, not any of the fun ingredients 🤦🏾‍♀️."

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