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People are dumbfounded by this popular chocolate brand's packaging: 'Why would you do that?'

"The packet would go to waste."

Milka chocolate, Popular chocolate brand excessive packaging

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A Redditor found themselves questioning everything after purchasing a Milka chocolate candy wrapped in copious packaging. 

They took to the r/anticonsumption subreddit to share a photo of how their Milka chocolate wafers were wrapped. In addition to the standard outer packaging, each individual wafer is wrapped again in aluminum. There is also a plastic tray inside holding the wafers. 

Milka chocolate packaging
Photo Credit: u/PizzaiolaBaby / Reddit

"Why Milka, why? Why would you do that?!" the Redditor asked.

The outer package is most likely made out of a hybrid between plastic and aluminum, as most candy bars are. This hybrid, known as "metallized plastic," helps keep food fresh longer, but it is also virtually impossible to recycle since it is tough to separate the plastic from the metal once fused.

Even though the plastic tray and the aluminum foil on the cookies could be recycled, it is likely that they won't be. Only 5% of plastic packaging in the U.S. is fully recycled. Thus, there is a general sentiment among environmentalists that single-use plastic should be avoided whenever possible. 

It may seem outrageous that these chocolate wafers need so much packaging, but many commenters made the point that packaging helps keep the food fresh. One commenter wrote that these safeguards prevent the wafers from sticking together in higher temperatures, protect them from breaking in transport, and keep things hygienic.

Packaging, plastic or not, serves the purpose of protecting a product while it travels to the consumer. One commenter said that individually wrapped food items are ideal since they "don't eat as much … and the packet would go to waste."

"I know it's not good for the environment but I like individually wrapped snacks," another commenter admitted.

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