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McDonald's employee calls out product swap for blatant attempt to fool people: 'I already can see problems with this'

"'… come on."

Reusable McFlurry spindles

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One McDonald's employee on Reddit shared a photo of the franchise's latest product update — and explained how this "green" innovation isn't very.

Like many large chains, McDonald's has been called out in the past for wasteful and polluting practices like using too much plastic and throwing out good food. It has also made some steps forward in switching to more eco-friendly alternatives, though there's still lots of room for improvement.

Now, McDonald's has made a confusing change to its process for making McFlurries, as this Redditor revealed.

"I'd like to point out this McBulls***," they said bluntly, sharing a photo of an informative pamphlet about the chain's new reusable McFlurry spindles. 

In the past, the disposable spindle for the mixing machine served as the spoon for the dish; but now, McDonald's has apparently switched to a reusable, washable version.

Reusable McFlurry spindles
Photo Credit: u/AustinPwrZZ / Reddit

"Sustainability = helping save the planet … one McFlurry at a time!" proclaimed the pamphlet, over a picture of a pink McFlurry spoon. It also included instructions about how often to change and wash the spindle.

On the surface, this seems like a good choice. Many environmental advocates recommend using reusable products instead of disposable plastic ones to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and the environment.

There's just one problem: McDonald's may have replaced the disposable spindle, but it's still giving customers single-use spoons. 

"Serve to customers with a wrapped spoon," says the pamphlet in the photo, with a helpful image of a shiny plastic spoon in clear plastic packaging.

"Now we have to serve wrapped spoons with McFlurries in [the] name of 'Saving the environment' ... come on," said the original poster. They were also frustrated that this would mean one more thing for McDonald's employees to wash, wasting time, water, and energy.

Commenters picked out other potential issues. "I already can see problems with this," said one user. "Employees will not be trained and give the mixing spoons out. Customers complaining because we don't have the clear mixing spoons anymore. Stupid idea overall."

"What about cross contamination from allergens?" asked another commenter.

"You change it after every mcflurry… or you're supposed to," replied a third user. "The kids at my location don't f****** do that though and it makes me so f****** mad every time."

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