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Gardener on Instagram shows their trick for getting 'free' lettuce for life: 'It's the best method'

"Lettuce is super resilient and does well in cool conditions."

Gardener shares lettuce hack

Photo Credit: @urbangreenfarms / Instagram

Who doesn't love a two-for-one deal? One Instagram Reel shows how you can get that deal with lettuce.

Instagrammer Urban Green Farms (@urbangreenfarms) talks about regenerative farming and wants to help other users get started on a sustainable garden. 

Their latest tip shows you how lettuce can be the gift that keeps on giving. The trick? Growing it at home with this mega-fast gardening hack

The scoop

First, prepare a pot or area of soil for planting the lettuce. To regrow store-bought lettuce, gardeners often simply place the head in water. However, using soil is a good deal faster. 

Before planting, you will need to cut the "butt end" or stem part off the lettuce. Ensure that the planter or area with soil is suitable and gets roughly four to six hours of sunlight.

The Instagrammer in the video can be seen going outside to place the prepared leftover head in a planter pot. Then, another full, vibrant head of lettuce appears in the same area. 

"Lettuce is super resilient and does well in cool conditions," Urban Green Farms shares. "I've been growing it all winter long."

In the final part of the tutorial, the creator advises fellow gardeners to leave enough of the butt end or stem part of the lettuce intact, so it can stay above the soil. Instead of leaving viewers waiting, the reel pans to a head of lettuce planted five weeks prior and ready to be harvested. The result, the creator says, is "buy one, grow one free lettuce."

How it's helping

This lettuce hack is just one example of a gardening practice that's saving time, money, and the environment. More than half of the world's agricultural land is considered "degraded," an issue that correlates to $400 billion in yearly productivity losses and risks to future food security. 

By growing even a small portion of our food at home, we can alleviate that burden while also saving money and avoiding food farmed with pesticides and other chemicals. 

What's everyone saying?

Commenters praised the lettuce hack, with one commenting, "It's the best method." 

One commenter asks, "Will this work with iceberg lettuce as well?" Urban Green Farms responds, "for sure!!"

Another user comments something that many of us are thinking: "I'll try it. Thanks!!!"

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