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Instagrammer shares genius trick for using the last bits of jam in a jar: 'Such a great idea'

"I love this."

Jam jar hack

Photo Credit: @my_plastic_free_home / Instagram

Scraping out the last bits of the jam jar is a tedious task, even if it is a noble pursuit in reducing food waste. But it turns out, there's an easier way to do it, according to this Instagram hack.

In a recent video, Instagrammer Kate @my_plastic_free_home shares a genius and super healthy hack for not letting those last bits of jam go to waste. 

The scoop

As Kate's clip shows, you don't need to struggle to scrape the bottom of the jam jar. Instead, just leave it in there and use the leftover jam as the base for a healthy salad dressing. 

"All you need to do is add 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1/2 lemon or white wine vinegar (if you're using the lemon don't forget to save the rest for cleaning!) add salt and pepper, and extra herbs if you like. I love chillis so added some chili flakes int [sic] here too and add to your salad," she says.

The dressing works with virtually any jam base, and Kate recommends a "mammoth" amount of spinach and kale for the salad, which she takes from her own garden. But any salad base will work. The video shows a colorful array of chopped veggies including peppers, corn, onions, and tomatoes along with fresh chopped greens.

Stir the dressing through and enjoy the MOST delicious salad," says Kate. "Oh, and your jar is easier to clean and use for something new!"

Why it matters

The dressing hack is a super easy way to reduce your food waste footprint.

Reducing food waste not only saves you money, but it's also a good thing to do for the planet. According to the EPA, in the U.S. alone, food waste produces 187 million tons of planet-warming carbon gas every year — about the equivalent of 42 coal-fired power plants.

What everyone's saying

Instagram users had plenty of praise for the hack.

"How gorgeous! I love this, such a great idea," one commenter wrote.

"Wow, this is a GREAT way to use the last bit of jam," another agreed. "I'm always looking for salad dressing inspiration!"

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