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Mom from the future shows off magical 'invisible' cooktop that's super safe for her kids: 'You can put your hand directly on [it]'

"So much safer."

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Photo Credit: @shannonbannister4 / TikTok

For home cooks looking for a safe, convenient, and efficient way to prepare food, TikToker Shannon Bannister (@shannonbannister4) has a solution: a hidden induction stove.

Traditional stovetops generate heat by either burning fuel or running electricity through a heating element. But according to an Explain That Stuff article by science writer Chris Woodford, induction stovetops don't directly generate heat at all. Instead, they create a constantly changing magnetic field. 

This field doesn't warm up the stovetop itself or the space around it. Instead, it can only transfer energy to magnetic metal — like an iron or steel cooking pot placed on top.

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In the video, Shannon demonstrates her new cooktop, which is completely invisible under a granite counter. She places a pan of water on the counter, with a hot pad underneath to protect the stone from the pan, then turns the unit on. When she removes the pan, the cooktop beeps to let her know that it's still on. 

The water boils quickly, but the countertop underneath is still cool, as Bannister demonstrates. 

"You can put your hand directly on the countertop and it is not hot," she says, while she does exactly that. (Note: You should still be careful when touching surfaces that could be warm or hot). 

Induction technology has been around since the last century, says Woodford, but it has recently become much more affordable, leading to a rise in popularity. 

Users like Bannister are often looking for the safest option for their kitchens. Only the pan itself gets hot, reducing the risk of burns during and after food preparation. 

When a commenter asked about using the cooktop around children, Bannister responded, "I have 3, they are the reason I bought it. So much safer." 

Meanwhile, an induction stove is more energy efficient than a traditional one, Woodruff says, leading to energy savings for the user. Finally, an efficient electric stove like this is safer for the environment because it doesn't produce heat-trapping gases.

Many commenters were impressed with how seamlessly the cooktop blends in with the rest of the kitchen. 

"I would lose my stove quite often," joked user @simplysimplynope. 

Others asked for a full demonstration of induction cooking, and Bannister answered with a later video where she fries an egg.

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