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Famous chef leaves viewers dumbfounded with video of their backyard food garden: 'I can't stop looking at this'

"It just looks beautiful."

Instagram famous backyard food garden

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Have you ever swooned over a garden? Get ready to. A Redditor recently got a good amount of attention online by showing off a truly impressive garden that they tend for a famous Instagram chef. 

An additional video shows off a closer look at the beauty. 

In the post, the Redditor took to r/Gardening to show off a photo of the garden, which is a gravel backyard with about eight visible raised beds, all overflowing with gorgeous-looking veggies and plants. The garden also includes purple and orange flower pots (a Dia de los Muertos theme, according to the Redditor), an archway trellis, what looks like banana trees and a small shed on the side.

Instagram famous chef backyard-garden
Photo Credit: u/princess-dick-sleia / Reddit

The garden serves as a major backyard inspiration — but it's the benefits to the planet that really makes it amazing. 

The agriculture business has a big effect on our environment. From production to shipping to packaging, it adds up. The industry produces over a tenth of the world's carbon pollution. It also contributes to the 40 million tons of plastic waste thrown away in America each year. 

There's also the problem of the food once it's in our homes. An estimated 30% to 40% of food is thrown away in the U.S. each year — that's around 42 billion pounds of food waste.

Growing food at home not only saves on your grocery bill, but it also helps cut down on the food you are buying and not using. It's also a lot easier to go shopping when what you want is in your own yard. 

Redditors were truly blown away by the picturesque garden. 

"I can't stop looking at this... It just looks beautiful, healthy and I love the idea of interplanting with flowers," one person commented. "Using sweet alyssum as a ground cover is such an awesome idea. Noted!"

"😱 ohmygoodness the garden of my dreams 😍😍😍" another mentioned.

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