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Frugal shopper discovers ultra-smart way to save money on a common grocery staple: 'I do this every time'

"That's a decent tip, even for regular milk."

Frugal shopper freezing plant milk

Photo Credit: u/sujesstion/ Reddit

In a recent post, a Redditor shared one of their strategies for saving money and reducing food waste: freezing plant milk.

In a post on the r/Frugal subreddit, the user writes about their experience freezing their plant milk before it expires.

"I freeze my plant milk in ice cubes if I'm going away for a few days/traveling," the user writes in the post's caption.

"I do this every time I'm away for work or leisure as I hate wasting food, especially plant milks, as they're quite expensive," they explain in a follow-up comment. "They unfreeze really well in an iced coffee."

The user also explains that while you can try freezing the plant milk in its usual carton, it's often better to use an ice tray because it saves space in the freezer.

When asked about the thawed plant milk's texture, the user writes, "I rarely use it for something where texture is important, so I can't chime in on that. Typically when I do it, I use it for stuff like smoothies or baked goods where the moisture is more important than the texture."

Using leftovers is one of the best ways to save money on groceries and also helps reduce your personal waste. It's important to waste as little food as possible, as Americans throw away almost 40% of all food every year, the majority of which ends up in landfills and leads to the dangerous overheating of our planet, according to Feeding America.

Users shared their enthusiasm for the hack as well as their own tips in the comment section of the post.

"That's a decent tip, even for regular milk. I'll remember that if I ever have money to travel, lol," one user writes.

"When my lettuce is old and is going to go bad, I boil it in a little water, blend it and then freeze this broth. I then use the cubes in sauces or soups to add some bitterness. When cooked, it smells close to spinach," another user comments.

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