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Frugal baker shares the allergy-friendly secret ingredient they use to save money in the kitchen: 'It's healthier, too'

"They taste great."

Allergy-friendly secret ingredient, Flaxseed meal

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Next time you're craving some chocolate chip cookies, try reaching for flaxseed meal as a substitute instead of a typical egg to save some cash.

According to one Reddit user, flaxseed meal makes for a great egg alternative in baking. 

They suggest that all you need to make your flaxseed "egg" is to mix one tablespoon of flaxseed meal mixed with three tablespoons of water and stir for around five minutes until your mixture thickens. Congrats, you made an egg alternative for just about $0.07.

The price of eggs has doubled since 2022, coming to about $4.94 in March 2023 in the United States. You can buy a one-pound bag of flaxseed meal from Walmart for just $3.48. That would come to about 32 flax eggs. 

Egg alternatives are nothing new, but finding tasty ones can be hard to figure out. Whether you are baking for a vegan or vegetarian or perhaps someone with an egg allergy, baking with flaxseed meal is an alternative worth a shot due to its health benefits and cost-efficiency.

Flaxseed is a good source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. It is commonly used to improve digestive health and may even help lower blood cholesterol.

Reddit commenters mentioned lots of tips and tricks to make flaxseed work for specific recipes. 

Cookies were a hot topic. One user said that their cookies baked with flaxseed meal were "flatter and crispier." 

"It's healthier too," added another.

"I don't like cookies without eggs, but I've made cakes and bread with flax eggs fine over the years," countered a third. 

Another added, "As long as you're not picky about them being a specific texture, they taste great."

While this alternative had some solid results, it didn't work for everyone. 

One commenter shared, "[It] doesn't work if the recipe relies heavily on a lot of eggs for leavening and structure like Angel Food Cake. For the most part flaxmeal may work in recipes with 2 or less eggs."

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