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Woman shares how she saves big at grocery store without food stamps: 'This is great to know'

"Don't walk, run and get the Flashfood app."

"Don't walk, run."

Photo Credit: TikTok

The bad news is grocery prices are increasing to a level many people are struggling to keep up with. The good news is that the fight to keep food out of landfills is also working to keep more money in people's wallets. 

As showcased by one savvy TikToker, shoppers can eat for less with just a little bit of effort. 

The scoop 

In a TikTok video, Florence (@mensahgurl) showcases the Flashfood app, which allows you to get groceries for up to 50% off, as one solution to checkout woes.

@mensahgurl Cheap food without having food stamps don't walk run and get the Flashfood app #flashfood #flashfoodapp #flashfooddeals #flashfoodbayarea #flashfoodapp ♬ original sound - Florence

"Cheap food without having food stamps don't walk run and get the Flashfood app," read the video's caption. 

The video goes on to showcase a box full of produce, which Florence said she got for $5. She continues to explain how it works. 

Every day, stores pick items they want to sell at a discount price and put them on the app. Consumers can go on the app, select the items they want, and pay with their card. They then go to the store, and customer service will collect their items from the Flashfood fridge.

Florence does point out that you have to keep up with it, but her video shows it's well worth the effort. 

"Chicken, lamb chops," Florence says. "... I don't have food stamps. This is beautiful to me."

This isn't the only video Florence has posted touting the app's benefits, either. She posted another sharing that she checks the app daily, also showing the before and after prices of the items she bought.

How it's helping 

As Florence states, it saves shoppers money on groceries, the cost of which are projected to continue to rise, making it difficult for many to maintain a healthy diet.

The app, along with others like Too Good To Go, Martie, and Misfits Market that do the same, also benefits the environment by keeping perfectly good food in fridges and freezers and out of landfills, where they pump out planet-warming pollution while they decompose. 

Worldwide, about one-third of food is wasted, and over two billion people struggle to put food on the table. Spreading the word about solutions like this helps prevent both of these problems. 

Hacks like this that help us change how we eat go a long way for our pocketbooks and the planet. 

 What everyone's saying 

"Wow. This is like too good to go but for groceries," commented one user. "If you want meals or specific things like bagels, you can use too good to go."

"This is great to know," said another. 

"Just download. Thanks for lookin out," added a thankful third.

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