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Grocery shopper shares the amazing trick she uses to save money on produce: 'The way I ran to the app store'

Food waste is a growing problem in America, costing the agricultural industry billions in losses each year.

Flashfood app

Photo Credit: @peeliesnpetals/ Tiktok

In a recent post, a shopper shares a big way they're saving money on grocery bills.

TikTok user Sarah Plain & Tall (@peeliesnpetals) recently shared how the Flashfood app is helping her get cheap produce while simultaneously fighting food waste.

@peeliesnpetals Reposting cause my fat thumbs put this in my stories πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Flashfood app not available everywhere but worth checking. #nowaste #peeliesnpetals #foodsecurity ♬ original sound - Sarah Plain & Tall

The scoop

Flashfood is a mobile app that connects shoppers with cheap produce that would otherwise be sent to the dump.

The company partners with grocery chains like Meijer, Wholesale Club, and Stop & Shop to sell fresh produce that's on its way out. The food isn't bad β€” it often just isn't "perfect" enough to be displayed on store shelves.

For instance, food that is oddly shaped, has dings or scratches, or is a little old is usually tossed away. But there's nothing wrong with this food, and it's perfectly safe to eat.

How it's helping

Food waste is a growing problem in America, costing the agricultural industry billions in losses each year and wreaking havoc on our environment.

Many retail grocers have limits on how long they can keep produce due to limited inventory space and corporate policies. Unfortunately, inefficiencies in our food supply chain like these result in nearly 40% of food, or over 119 billion pounds of food, wasted in America each year.

Additionally, producing and transporting food that ultimately goes to waste requires significant amounts of water and energy resources, further exacerbating environmental degradation. When food waste ends up in landfills, it takes up valuable space and contaminates our air.

What everyone's saying

People are hyped about this app, with one user sharing, "The way I RAN to my app store," and another claiming, "OK, I did this today, and I got a huge box of clementines, butter, and a large cottage cheese on sale."

Some users chimed in about how the Flashfood app can be used in numerous locations. 

One commenter explained, "I love this app! In Canada, it can be used at select Loblaws stores," while another shared his complications, stating, "The closest one is a 40-minute drive into KY."

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