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Bargain hunter shares hack for getting groceries at a remarkable discount: 'It's really helped cut down on our bills'

"I've been getting so many amazing deals."

Flashfood groceries

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One Redditor is showing how they stretch every dollar a little further — thanks to the discount app Flashfood.

Flashfood is an app that connects shoppers with grocery stores in their area. When a store is about to throw away food, they can list it on the app instead. 

Grocers offer a discount on the food because it's close to its best-by date, but it's still perfectly good to eat. Buyers can browse the app for all the food available at stores near them, choosing and paying for items right from their device before going to pick up their purchases. 

Shoppers on Flashfood save up to 50% off the original cost of the items. This is a good deal for both buyers and sellers — buyers save money, and sellers get to recover some of the cost of food that would otherwise be thrown out.

Even bigger savings are possible with deals and coupons. In the post, the Redditor shows off the box of food they just got for only $2.25. 

"Veggie box has two white, two sweet, and three red potatoes. To white and two red onions. One red and one green pepper. Yogurt, franks, and tomatoes," they comment, showing that all the food in the photo is fresh and in good condition.

Flashfood is one of several apps buyers can use to find discounted food. Not only does it provide savings, but it makes it easier to eat healthy, as fresh fruits and veggies often get thrown out at the average supermarket. 

Meanwhile, the app reduces food waste, cutting down the demand to grow and ship food to replace what spoils. Less shipping means less fuel burnt, which means less heat-trapping gases released into the atmosphere.

Commenters on the post had several tips, including the best times to look for specific foods. 

"For meat. Check around 8-10 in the morning. Breads and pastries. Later in the day. Veggies always seem available," one commenter writes

Another shares how much they'd saved with the app as well. 

"I've been getting so many amazing deals on flash food. It's really helped cut down on our grocery bill," they comment. "Recently I scored $90 worth of meat for $9."

For those who would rather not download an app but still want to rescue food that's ready to be thrown away, this TikToker shared a hack to get more for your money.

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