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Here's how you can get takeout food without having to juggle dozens of messy plastic containers

Your food comes in "containers designed to be reused up to 1,000 times."

DeliverZero, reusable food containers.

Photo Credit: @ deliverzer0 / Instagram

Ordering takeout usually means your food will be delivered in disposable packaging. All of the plastic and styrofoam is hard to recycle and typically ends up in landfills, or even as litter on the ground. 

But DeliverZero wants to change that with reusable takeout containers.

How does DeliverZero work?

According to DeliverZero's website, the process is easy for buyers. 

First, use its search function to find restaurants near you that have joined the program. Order online, and they'll deliver your takeout in reusable packages instead of the usual takeout containers. 

"Your order will arrive in BPA free, NSF-certified reusable containers designed to be reused up to 1,000 times," the company says

After you're done eating, you can rinse off and save your boxes until you're ready to return them within three weeks. To do that, either schedule a time for DeliverZero to pick them up or drop them off at a return point yourself — or just give them back to your delivery driver the next time you order takeout.

Why is reusable packaging important?

For buyers, choosing reusable containers means less trash to manage or recycle, which makes this a convenient, time-saving option. Plus, you still get to enjoy delicious food without taking time from your day to prepare it. 

For participating restaurants, reusable dishes are often cheaper in the long run. And for the environment, cutting back on single-use containers is the healthiest option.

"Our containers eliminate waste and the emissions required to manufacture, ship, and dispose of containers designed to be used just once," DeliverZero says

When the company refers to emissions, it means the heat-trapping gases that are released from manufacturing processes and burning fuel and stay in the atmosphere and warm up our planet. 

Delivery drivers also burn fuel to carry dishes back and forth, so DeliverZero carefully plans driver routes to be energy efficient — delivering food on the way out and gathering dishes on the way back to minimize the number of trips they have to make. 

"According to Upstream's Reuse Wins report, reusable food service containers beat single-use alternatives through every environmental measure, including climate pollution, energy use, water use, resource extraction, waste, and plastic pollution," DeliverZero says.

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