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TikToker reveals her simple trick for keeping berries fresh for weeks at a time: 'The most life-saving hack ever'

"Good to know."

Keeping berries fresh Tiktok hack

Photo Credit: @life.with.Iris.King/ Tiktok

Berry season is getting underway, and you can find them at your supermarket, farmers market, or even grow berries in your own yard. The only problem? Eating them all before they go bad. But one TikToker has an easy trick for keeping your berries super fresh.

The scoop

In the video, shared by Iris King (@life.with.Iris.King), berries get a little prep bath to help them last longer.

@life.with.iris.king How to keep berries fresh for weeks! #howtostoreberries #howtocleanyourberries #strawberries #blueberries #raspberry #seasonaleating #healthyliving Thanks to @Carleigh Bodrug ♬ Sweet Reggae Music - Jman Jman

King adds the berries to a bath of water, salt, and vinegar and gives them a 10- to 20-minute soak. This not only helps to clean debris from the berries, but it also preps them to last for at least a week.

After the berries soak, she rinses them and dries them off, giving them a whirl in a salad spinner. Then, the berries are ready for storing. She puts them in Mason jars, but says a Tupperware lined with paper towels will also work well to keep the berries fresh for a week. 

How it's helping

Keeping those berries fresh for longer is a great way to get your money's worth. Fresh berries can set you back a pretty penny. A 6-ounce pack of organic raspberries can run nearly $5 or more, depending on your location. And since berries are so fragile, they can go bad in a day.

Berries are some of the healthiest fruits you can add to your diet for a number of reasons like their high antioxidant levels. 

What everyone's saying

"We ozonate our fruits," one TikToker writes, adding that the hack is "good to know."

"Raspberries taste so much better after being stored in glass jars," writes another user, calling the video the "most lifesaving hack ever."

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