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Entitled tourist gets called out for behavior at Old Faithful geyser: 'Deaths from falling into the geysers ain't pretty'

"People like this infuriate me so much."

"People like this infuriate me so much."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Redditors were shocked and outraged by a tourist in Yellowstone who blatantly ignored the park's warning signs and stood on top of Old Faithful. 

The photo shows the person dangerously standing on the crust of the geyser as steam rises out. 

"People like this infuriate me so much. Is it really that hard to respect park boundaries and view from a distance?" commented one Redditor.

"Such disrespect for the park's beauty," wrote another user. "If you can't respect the need to preserve the park for the next person/generation…don't go!"

"I don't understand why those that are bothering wildlife, going beyond the fences and in general risking your life and that in turn is risking a ranger's life when they have to rescue a person or recover a body. We have the RULES IN PLACE," another Redditor said. 

Someone else noted: "Deaths from falling into the geysers ain't pretty and the description of their last moments will haunt you."

The warning signs and safety guidelines in Yellowstone are there for a reason. The natural hot springs beneath the geysers are unpredictable. They can erupt at any moment, spewing boiling water above the surface. 

Walking past the designated viewing area is incredibly dangerous. The ground surrounding the thermal areas is often a layer of thin crust, so it's impossible to determine a safe path from above.

The term "touron" — a combination of the words tourist and moron — has become the popular phrase for entitled tourists who disregard safety and wildlife rules. Similar instances of visitors ignoring the rules, endangering both themselves and the wildlife, have occurred at Yellowstone.

When visiting these natural landscapes, it's important to respect the rules to prevent deadly encounters. Actions such as standing on Old Faithful not only demonstrate a blatant disregard for personal safety but also reflect a deeper issue: a lack of respect for our natural world. Climate awareness begins with respect for the nature that surrounds us. Such reckless behavior detracts from the connection we must foster to understand and protect our fragile ecosystems.

Luckily, the person in this photo did not get hurt, but others have not been as fortunate. 

One Redditor who previously worked at Yellowstone shared a similar instance of someone getting severely injured after walking on the thermal layer. 

"I worked there damn near 20 years ago, and while I was there somebody broke through that mineral crust near a different hot spring and wound up in boiling water up to their waist," wrote the user. "They flew them out in a helicopter, I have no idea if they made it, but I'd almost prefer to think they didn't."

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