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Tourist approached by park ranger after breaking rules at national park for photo opportunity: 'There is no excuse'

"They should also get an extravagant fine."

"They should also get an extravagant fine."

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Breaking the rules at Yellowstone National Park doesn't come without consequences.

A four-photo set was uploaded to the TouronsOfYellowstone (@touronsofyellowstone) Instagram account by a user known as Yellowstone Enthusiast (@yellowstone_enthusiast) showing a tourist on the wrong side of a boardwalk taking pictures using an iPad next to the park's geothermal features. The second photo shows them admiring their photography skills on the tablet. 

But then the narrative takes a turn. Pictures No. 3 and No. 4 show the rule-breaker in deep conversation with a park ranger, who is likely admonishing the tourist for ignoring park guidance, putting themselves in danger, and causing damage to the delicate features surrounding the geyser. 

"Let's not forget the main purpose for these boardwalks," Yellowstone Enthusiast captioned the visual tale. "Keep it safe and view from a distance, know the rules. It's posted before entering every geyser basin and near most thermal features as well... Breaking the rules often leads to fines, fees, and sometimes worse depending on the crime! Do not be a #TouronofYellowstone."

The crust around the park's geothermal features is extremely fragile, and breaking it could release the scalding hot water located beneath the surface.

That water is also often acidic, adding another layer of danger for any tourist foolish enough to hop over the park's fences. 

People have died at Yellowstone attempting to enter the water, and being close to the boiling pools has resulted in numerous injuries.

Going off designated tracks and trails is not only putting yourself in harm's way, but it also shows a serious disregard for nature. Being able to experience natural marvels like geysers is a privilege, and if people continue to break the rules, it's likely the park will put further restrictions in place for future visitors. 

"They should also get an extravagant fine - how else are the 'it doesn't apply to me' humans [supposed to] get it," one Instagrammer said. 

"Fine them!' another demanded. "$10,000. There are signs … in most languages so there is NO excuse."

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