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Infuriating video reveals tourists' entitled actions at Yellowstone: 'This ... behavior needs to stop'

"And we are the evolved species."

"And we are the evolved species."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Yellowstone National Park has many warning signs scattered throughout the area of astounding natural beauty to keep park-goers safe and warn them of potential dangers.

But, in the end, it's up to tourists to take heed and look after themselves.

A video posted to the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram account (@touronsofyellowstone) via artist Meeka Vigue (@hikingstylist) has demonstrated just how reckless and entitled people can be, putting themselves in danger because they can't follow the rules.

The video shows various visitors reaching down from boardwalks or even leaving them entirely to touch the water in thermal areas. 

In the video is a still of one of the signs, which says "Danger" and "Keep Out" in big capital letters, with these warnings regarding the "fragile" hot springs and geysers found at the park.

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Yellowstone's website says that the hot springs have killed or injured more people at the park than any other natural feature. Not only can the water be scalding hot, but it can often be acidic, too.

The crust is extremely breakable, and leaving the boardwalk to explore these areas can destroy delicate thermal formations and lead to serious injury. Meanwhile, the toxic gases produced in the hydrothermal areas can cause illness, so there are plenty of reasons to stick to the designated paths.

Instagrammers were baffled as to why some visitors would brazenly ignore the guidance designed to keep them and the environment from harm.

"People just have to touch everything," one Instagrammer commented with an eye-rolling emoji, while another pointed out, "And we are the evolved species."

"This idiotic behavior needs to stop," another infuriated commenter said. "Hire more rangers and ban these knuckleheads from all National Parks if possible."

It is such a shame to see bad behavior occur at Yellowstone on a regular basis. Being able to visit the park should be a privilege, but it seems that doesn't always mean tourists show the proper respect for nature.

If more incidents like this occur, especially if they become more severe, Yellowstone might have to enforce stricter rules or stop visitors from witnessing these fascinating features at all, which will ruin things for true nature lovers who can keep their hands to themselves. 

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