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Viral video of bison charging at boy shows exactly why signs say to stay away: 'Who lets their kids approach deadly animals?'

"Those things are huge and agile."

“Those things are huge and agile.

Photo Credit: @jakelivinglife / YouTube

When visiting Yellowstone National Park, the first rule on the popular hiking destination's website advises people against "willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife." 

A video posted to YouTube of a bison charging at a young boy has proved why that is regulation No. 1. 

Shared by YouTube channel All Sauce, the video shows a group of people approaching and taking pictures of the largest land mammal in North America. 

But after having quite enough of the attention, the bison begins a charge. The young boy is separated from the group and has to make a break for it through grass and fallen trees on one side of a boardwalk. 

It's a pretty close-run thing, but luckily, the boy kept his footing and was able to escape and return to the group. The laughter of his family and friends perhaps doesn't quite represent how dangerous the situation was. 

"Who lets their kids approach deadly animals?" questioned one commenter. "Those things are huge and agile."

"Dad laughing and his son almost was mauled," added another. 

Yellowstone advises that visitors stay at least 23 meters (25 yards) away from bison, elk, and other wildlife. Bison have hurt more people at the park than any other animal, and warning signs that they might be about to charge include head bobbing, pawing, bellowing, and snorting. 

If one does charge, the park asks visitors to walk or run from the animal immediately and to use bear spray if it follows. 

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, bison can be as much as six feet tall and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. They are also agile and can run at speeds of around 40 miles per hour

This boy had a fortunate escape, and hopefully the family took heed of the incident and steered clear of the park's animals for the rest of their visit. 

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