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Photo of national park visitor ignoring warning signs for photo of moose sparks reaction online: 'I cannot stand this stuff'

"People think the rules apply to everyone but them."

"People think the rules apply to everyone but them."

Photo Credit: iStock

It's human nature — we see something exciting, and we want to document it. When it comes to animals in their natural habitats, though, there's such a thing as getting too close. 

A Redditor shared a recent photo that shows a woman approaching a moose to take a photo. Someone else captured a picture of her endeavor, including a sign that says: "Meadow closed. Wildlife protection and viewing area." The original poster included the commentary: "Too bad there isn't a sign to prevent this…"

"People think the rules apply to everyone but them."
Photo Credit: Reddit

People responded to the woman's seeming disregard for the clear sign with frustration. "I cannot stand this stuff," one Redditor said. Another added: "People think the rules apply to everyone but them." 

For others, the photo caused derision and anger over the woman's actions. "Too bad most people forget they know how to read, and understand the sign is there for them," a user said.

The photo highlights an ongoing trend of people pushing past boundaries in their attempts to get closer to animals in National Parks. Sometimes others, even children, have to call them out to get them to stop. Other times, they just get photos or videos for social media.

This isn't just stressful for the animals, it also creates situations where they may have to be euthanized because they become too comfortable near people or do damage to humans. 

When people respect nature by keeping their distance, they show that they understand the natural world, including what is necessary to protect it. 

When they don't respect it, they indicate their willingness to exploit it for their own good at the expense of the animals, other people who came to see the same animals, and the staff who are supposed to keep everyone safe. 

One annoyed Redditor put it like this: "What's frustrating about this, time and time again, is that it is so easy to NOT break the rules. The paths, trails and boundaries are designed so that you can view wildlife from a safe distance. Humans will push boundaries ad infinitum, just because the boundary is there."

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