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Video shows tourist endangering their pet at Yellowstone: 'Too much could go wrong'

"They shouldn't be allowed in conservation parks to begin with."

"They shouldn’t be allowed in conservation parks to begin with.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Every year, millions of people flock to our national parks. However, not all visitors treat the land with respect, from disturbing wildlife, littering, and even endangering themselves and others. 

A recent video capturing the dangerous behavior of a park guest is a reminder of the importance of park preservation and stewardship.

Instagram account TouronsofYellowstone (@TouronsofYellowstone) shared a video of dangerous behavior by a guest at a national park. The Instagram account is dedicated to "tourons," a combination of tourist and moron.

The video shows a cat and its owner on the edge of a boardwalk at The Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring at Yellowstone National Park

"Pets are not allowed on the boardwalks of The Grand Prismatic Spring.... including this leashed cat," the post's caption read. "I am not a fan of pets being allowed in Yellowstone … What do y'all think?"

While pets are allowed into Yellowstone, owners must abide by certain rules set by the National Park Service. The behavior in the video breaks their third rule, which forbids animals on the boardwalks. 

These rules are in place to "protect pets from being killed by predators like bears and coyotes, to protect them from being burned or killed in hot springs, to prevent the exchange of diseases between domestic animals and park wildlife, and to allow others to enjoy the park without the disruption of pets," per the National Park Service website.

This isn't the first time a touron has acted dangerously in the park, and unfortunately, it won't be the last. One Yellowstone visitor got way too close to a bison, and another nearly stuck her hand into a thermal pool.

Climate awareness begins with respect for the planet. When people lack this foundation of respect, they risk forming a selfish relationship with the Earth. Climate awareness is recognizing that the planet is not just for us — it is for plants, animals, and entire ecosystems, too. It is crucial to care for the Earth rather than exploit it to ensure a healthy and thriving environment for future generations of both people and wildlife.

The commenters agreed that the behavior of this guest was unacceptable and dangerous, with many believing pets should not be allowed in the parks.

"[I] wouldn't feel safe bringing my dogs to [Y]ellowstone," one user commented. "[T]oo much could go wrong."

"Domestic predators put unnecessary stress on wildlife … They shouldn't be allowed in conservation parks to begin with," agreed another.

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