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Gardener reveals how their plants are still green even when covered in snow: 'I can't believe it's not frozen under there'

Straw is an excellent insulator for a number of reasons.

Straw bales

Photo Credit: @joeyplantstrees / TikTok

Winter is the bane of any farmer's existence, and with cold snaps all across the country this year, it's tough to grow quality crops. 

However, one creative TikTok user has figured out a way to keep his plants toasty warm all throughout the winter. 

In his viral video, TikToker Joey @joeyplantstrees shows his followers a quick and easy alternative to a greenhouse — keeping plants underneath a straw bale. The video shows Joey pulling up the straw bale to show healthy green leaves underneath, even as the ground is covered with snow. 

@joeyplantstrees Reposting this since its the dead of winter and groxery prices has everone needing to grwo more food #strawbalegardening #permacutlure #wintergarden #gardenhacks #foodnotlawns #grownorefood #seasonextension ♬ original sound - Joey

Keeping plants under straw bales is a common gardening technique used to protect them from cold winter temperatures. When plants are covered with straw bales, they are shielded from cold winds and frost, and the straw helps to insulate them from freezing temperatures.

Straw is an excellent insulator because it traps air pockets between the straw fibers, which helps to retain heat. When plants are covered with straw bales, the straw acts as a blanket, keeping the soil and plants warm by preventing heat loss from the ground. 

As a result, the plants are shielded from the harsh winter weather, and their roots are protected from freezing temperatures.

Additionally, straw bales can help to maintain a more consistent soil temperature. The bales absorb and retain heat during the day and then release it slowly at night. This helps to regulate the temperature in the soil, preventing it from getting too cold at night or too hot during the day.

Overall, keeping plants under straw bales is a simple and effective way to protect them from cold temperatures. It is a sustainable and cost-effective method that can help to extend the growing season and ensure that your plants thrive, even in harsh weather conditions.

Joey's caption points out that with grocery prices on the rise, growing your own produce makes more sense than ever. Viewers agree, with one commenting, "Oh that's brilliant, the straw decomposes and gives off extra heat along with insulating the 'greenhouse.'"

"I can't believe it's not frozen under there!" another adds.

Another shares their own experience with the tactic, writing, "I was a hand on a farm and they had an entire acre in rows with old windows and veggies growing all winter."

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