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Video reveals couple's attempt to rescue frozen seagulls after historic blizzard: 'Thanks for restoring my faith'

"This is a hero."

"This is a hero.”

Photo Credit: @humankind / TikTok

A Buffalo, New York, couple garnered major appreciation for saving 16 seagulls that were stuck in ice following the city's massive snowstorm in December 2022.

Some footage from their heroic rescue efforts was posted by Humankind (@humankind) on TikTok, and the video has amassed more than 27,000 likes.

"One by one, seagulls are freed from the ice by two kind humans after the historic blizzard in Buffalo," the caption read. 

The video showed the pair utilizing hammers and other household tools to break up the ice and help the trapped seagulls escape. As one of the birds flies off, the man can't contain his excitement as he exclaims, "Yeah, go!"

@humankind One by one, seagulls are freed from the ice by two #kind humans after the historic #blizzard in Buffalo. #goodnews #rescue ♬ You are my reason to live (inspiring, motivational, inspirational, piano) - Royaltyfreemusicforvideos

Buffalo suffered a historic snowstorm in December 2022 that killed dozens of people and also threatened the lives of wildlife like these seagulls.

Unfortunately, this could be a new normal for many parts of the United States as the climate continues to change.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, the frequency of extreme snowstorms in the eastern two-thirds of the contiguous United States has increased in the last 100 years due to the changing climate.

So how does a warming planet cause more intense snowstorms? 

As global temperatures rise, it increases moisture levels in the atmosphere. This leads to more precipitation — so when it snows, it snows hard. As polar regions heat up, it can also push cold air to the south, disrupting the jet stream and causing severe cold spells in North America and Europe.

A word of caution: While the two good samaritans in Buffalo stepped up for wildlife during a devastating storm, it's not always best to try to help wild animals. One wildlife expert pleaded with people to stop feeding wildlife, as it habituates them to humans and can end up doing more harm than good.

Commenters couldn't stop thanking the rescuers for their work in Buffalo.

"You are amazing for helping these birds. Thank you." one person said

Another added, "Look, people. This is a hero." 

"Thanks for restoring my faith in human(s) today," said another.

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