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Resident shares photos of 'cowardly' act of vandalism at public park: 'Getting ridiculous'

The lack of respect for nature was particularly concerning.

The lack of respect for nature was particularly concerning.

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Vandalism at a South Bend, Indiana, park struck a nerve with one Redditor, who shared images of the graffiti and expressed their thoughts on the subject in the r/SouthBend subreddit. 

The spray paint was visible on a tree, another that had been cut down, and a wooden boardwalk. The inconsiderate vandalism was only exceeded by its strangeness, as "2024 MUSIC" featured among the tags.

The lack of respect for nature was particularly concerning.
Photo Credit: Reddit
The lack of respect for nature was particularly concerning.
Photo Credit: Reddit

"*Sigh* Everyone together now: vandalism belongs on corporate property, not natural public land," the poster wrote.

"Natural spaces (yes even Rum Village) exists for us to escape and appreciate the vast beauty of life. Graffiti and vandalism exist to express rebellion and disdain for a corrupt system, and belongs only on the corporate faces directly tied to the exploitation of our homes/neighborhoods/livelihoods. Tagging nature-where there's no cameras or security- is lazy and cowardly. F*** the system, leave nature be, spread the word."

The lack of respect for nature was particularly concerning, as Earth is experiencing a sixth mass extinction event — the first caused by humans. As the World Wildlife Fund put it, people are using land, water, and energy unsustainably, multiplying the natural extinction rate by 1,000 to 10,000 times.

This is more than just problematic because species are interconnected; one loss affects many other plants and animals. This can hurt air, water, and soil health, and it harms the overall health of the ecosystem. 

Such massive declines in species show things are breaking down, and it could be enough to bring about catastrophic failure, according to WWF. Among the systems currently at risk are a stable climate, predictable precipitation, and productive farms and fisheries.

"If we do not course correct, we will continue to lose life-sustaining biodiversity at an alarming rate," WWF states. "These losses will, at best, take decades to reverse, resulting in a planet less able to support current and future generations."

Respecting the environment leads to a greater understanding of the natural world, which can help us protect it. And it is up to us to foster change. Corporations and governments may be most responsible for the polluting gases in the atmosphere that are causing rapid heating around the globe, but until there is a massive shift in policy, we can use our buying power to support plastic-free brands, for example, and vote for political candidates who are set on reaching a cleaner, safer future.

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One commenter echoed the poster, writing: "Keep the spray paint off the logs, it hurts the whole ecosystem. Think, will moss grow over that toxicity? Will mycelium spread? Will it kill the little bugs that want to nestle in the bark? If so, DONT TAG IT!!!

"Honestly, the lack of respect for places lately is getting ridiculous. I'm all for illegal hobbies, but be smart and respectful about it. and especially don't do it out in nature. F*** up a brick wall, the underside of a bridge, anything else."

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