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Controversial park sign sparks divided reaction online: 'I need a couple copies of this sign'

It's formatted to look like a multiple-choice question.

Controversial park sign n St. Augustine, Florida,

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Friendly signs reminding hikers not to litter can be found on just about any nature trail or scenic outlook — but some have taken it to a new level, with hilarious signs meant to poke fun at any potential litterers. 

One Redditor took to the thread r/DeTrashed to share one of these signs that they found in St. Augustine, Florida. 

It's formatted to look like a multiple-choice question, and the question reads, "Why are you littering?" The potential answers include, "I am a jerk," "I don't care about natural areas," "Mommy still cleans up after me," and "All of the above." 

All of the choices are checked off, implying that anyone who litters is guilty of all options. 

No littering, St. Augustine Florida, hoping to discourage littering
Photo Credit: iStock

Not only will it give you a good chuckle, but it's also a great reminder to try to apply a carry-in, carry-out policy to your everyday life. It's no fun to have your scenic view of the beach, a hiking trail, or even just a nature walk interrupted by a plastic water bottle or a potato chip bag left behind. Plus, litter along highways needs to be disposed of for safety reasons, and that requires taxpayer money that could be used elsewhere. 

In terms of wildlife, litter is dangerous for animals and contributes to pollution. Plastic breaks down into tiny pieces called microplastics, and other materials can leach harmful chemicals into the soil. 

These chemicals and microplastics then make their way into our water sources — in fact, 60% of water pollution is caused by litter. 

If you're hoping for cleaner water and safer wildlife and find that a classic, "No littering" sign isn't cutting it, you can always give something amusing like this a try. 

Comments on the post even revealed that this hilarious sign isn't unique to St. Augustine. "This exact sign is outside a nature reserve in Central Indiana!" one user wrote

Other Redditors couldn't get over how clever and funny they found it to be. 

"This is amazing!" one user said, while another chimed in with, "I need a couple copies of this sign for some places in my area."

Others were concerned that the sign might backfire, prompting people to literally fire back. 

"I'm surprised there are no bullet holes in it," one person said

"Feel like this would make some people litter more," another added.  

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