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Tourist caught on camera tempting fate for up-close moose encounter: 'You just escaped with your life'

"I'm not sure why anyone gets out of their vehicle when they see wildlife."

"I’m not sure why anyone gets out of their vehicle when they see wildlife."

Photo Credit: Instagram

"Keep at least 120 feet or three bus-lengths away," reads the beginning of the caption from an Instagram video, which captured the dangerous behavior of a "touron" (a combination of the words "tourist" and "moron"). The nearby animal could likely have caused as much damage as a bus if it put its back into it. 

It is also advice from the Rocky Mountain National Park website regarding wildlife like black bears, moose, and mountain lions.

The video was shared by the touronsofnationalparks (@touronsofnationalparks) account and shows several park visitors out of their cars and standing in the road taking video of a moose trotting across it and into the snowy meadow on the other side. One of the visitors is particularly close and dangerously unconcerned — behavior that is, unfortunately, becoming all too common. 

One of the post's hashtags reads, "Your safety is your responsibility," and while this couldn't be truer, it's not just the safety of the tourist that is at risk.

Being able to visit our National Parks and witness wildlife up close should lead to greater respect for, not abuse and harassment of, wildlife.

Arrogant actions by reckless tourists like those showcased in this video inhibit the connection that other individuals may otherwise experience with nature.  

Watching these events unfold is also stressful for both wildlife and bystanders, as well as the park rangers whose job it is to protect the ecosystem. Further, these incidents endanger wildlife, as animals that injure humans, provoked or unprovoked, may be euthanized.

The post's comment section is filled with users who are both frustrated and shocked that the brazen tourist made it out of the situation unscathed. 

"Pretty risky behavior," one commenter simply stated. 

"I'm not sure why anyone gets out of their vehicle when they see wildlife," said another. "First of all it's not safe, but secondly: wildlife deserve some space and peace! Just have a look and move on."

"Omg," a third exclaimed. "I held my breath and muttered, 'ohhhhh you just escaped with your life'."

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