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Dashcam footage reveals moment of instant karma after snowmobilers chase moose: 'You were seeking trouble'

"No sympathy for people who pull stunts like this."

“No sympathy for people who pull stunts like this.”

Photo Credit: TikTok

When you provoke nature, you shouldn't be surprised when nature fights back.

A couple of snowmobile riders found that out the hard way when a moose got sick and tired of being pursued through the snow, and footage of the incident has been uploaded to TikTok

@animauxetforcedelanature Snowmobile Riders Ambushed by a Moose #winter #moose #animals #fyp ♬ son original - Animaux & Force de la nature🌿

The Animaux & Force de la Nature (@aninmauxetforcedelanature) described the encounter as an "ambush" in the caption, referring to the actions of the large deer species. However, it was more a case of the moose standing its ground in the face of unnecessary attention, which was undoubtedly distressing.

After being pursued for a fair stretch, the moose stopped in the middle of the trail, stood its ground, and almost dared the leading snowmobile rider to get closer.

With human and beast in a tense standoff, the moose blinked first and charged at the machine. The rider got spooked and made a hasty dismount, before holding up their hands to try to demonstrate that they meant no harm.

Chasing the animal was probably not a smart way to show that you weren't a threat in the first place. 

But the moose was clearly still suspicious, and it made a charge once more. The first rider ran away to the second snowmobile after the filming rider also decided to get off their vehicle when the animal approached.

Sickeningly, one of the riders suggested they were prepared to pull their gun out as the moose continued to charge, although they said they were "afraid to shoot him." 

Things didn't escalate to that point, thankfully, and the moose decided it had put the humans in their place and ran off. 

"It looks like a nice one but you were seeking trouble," one TikToker said of the moose.

"Humans are a disgrace in life," another user said, while one added, "No sympathy for people who pull stunts like this."

Moose are the largest of the deer family and the second-largest land mammal in North America after the bison. According to the National Wildlife Foundation, they can stand six feet (1.8 meters) tall from hoof to shoulder and weigh as much as 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms). 

They use their antlers and hooves to protect themselves from predators, and the first snowmobile rider almost got a face full of the latter.

The organization noted that the animals are already at threat from overheating, disease and tick infestation, which have all been linked to rising temperatures as a result of global heating

Dealing with disrespectful humans is just another troubling issue they have to contend with in the fight for survival. The moose could have injured itself while running away or striking the snowmobile, which would have put it at the mercy of predators. 

Situations such as this underline the urgent need for increased climate awareness and wildlife conservation education to prevent endangering both animals and humans.

It's unclear why the snowmobile riders chose to chase the animal, but the lack of respect displayed is, frankly, astonishing. Sadly, this isn't the first case of tourists crossing the line when trying to get up close and personal with the animals. 

Seeing these creatures in the wild should be a joy, not a dangerous experience for all involved.

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