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Video shows tourists tempting fate after ignoring warning signs to venture near cliff: 'Every year people get wind swept off the cliff'

"They should have known the warning sign was there for a purpose."

"They should have known the warning sign was there for a purpose."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Some tourists are so busy searching for the perfect picture that they ignore signs that are there to protect themselves and others from harm. 

In a recent video originally posted by Geetle (@nazkawakami) and reposted by Tourons of National Parks (@touronsofnationalparks), four tourists hopped over a safety wall and posed on the edge of a cliff — right past a metal sign, shaking in the high winds, that read "DANGER DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS POINT."

"Honolulu, Hawaii," the caption on the video read. "Every year people hop the wall and walk way beyond the post and every year people get wind swept off the cliff and die."

Falls accounted for 7.8% of non-resident deaths and 17.8% of resident deaths in Hawai'i from 2009 to 2018, so following the sign's instruction is vital. Falls can be fatal, and they could put others at risk of injury or death if they have to rescue tourists.

Such signs are also in place to protect indigenous flora and fauna. Trash or other belongings that go over the cliff edge and into the ocean can be deadly for marine life and contribute to the 15-20 tons of marine trash that plague Hawai'i shores every year, according to Earth.org. Walking beyond trails and set zones can also decrease biodiversity and harm wildlife and their environments.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only instance of tourists who ignored a safety sign or procedure. Many people have put themselves and wildlife in danger for photos or videos of bison, seals, grizzly bears, and other animals.

It's vital to "leave no trace" by following trails and signs, which also helps to create a safe environment for others and protect wildlife. No matter how stunning the views are, treating ourselves and the natural world with respect will benefit us all.

"This is constant everywhere in Hawaii," one user commented. "People disregard signs for the Instagram photo. It's so irritating because they also stand in front of all the people that do follow the rules."

"They should have known the warning sign was there for a purpose," another user said. "None of them realized they've just placed themselves in a very dangerous situation by the treacherous Pacific Ocean."

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