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Onlookers capture video of tourists risking their lives at the Grand Canyon: 'Now a rescue team has to get involved and put themselves at risk'

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Tourists were caught on camera jumping over a railing at the Grand Canyon. 

The post is getting a lot of attention because of the disrespect these people show for the safety rules and the national park.

A Redditor reposted a video in the r/nationalparks subreddit of several people going to an unattended part of the Grand Canyon. 

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.
Photo Credit: Reddit

The video starts with two people past the railing looking over the edge. One of them even spits down into the canyon. More people start jumping over the railing. One of them lies down on the rock, and five people end up sitting on the rock like they would lounge on the grass in a park. 

"People are just dumb," the OP said.

The barriers are set up for tourists' safety. There is quite a big drop from the top, ranging from 7,000 to 8,000 feet. Visitors are asked to keep at least six feet from the edge for their safety, and for good reason: Falling is the number two cause of death in the Grand Canyon. 

One person commented: "If one of these people should fall, now a rescue team has to get involved and put themselves at risk." 

The National Park's Search and Rescue Team has had to save numerous people. In 2023, a 13-year-old boy fell, and the team used a rope rescue to retrieve him from the North Rim. It requires a lot of skill to perform rescues like this, and the team responds to over 300 calls a year, including falls and heat-related illnesses. 

Safety isn't the only concern. The popularity of national parks is polluting these beautiful landmarks. The increased foot traffic not only wears down the land but also creates more polluting gases because the roads surrounding the park are filled with more cars. 

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More visitors cause increased noise pollution, too, which can negatively impact wildlife. When animals are scared, they attack, which is dangerous for humans and animals. If an animal attacks a tourist, the person could be critically injured, and the animal might consequently be put down. 

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. One Redditor said: "Noticed a Park Ranger nearby, asked him about the idiots climbing over the railings, and he just shook his head. 'I gave up trying to help, nobody listened to me.'"

Another person said: "Saw 3 kids (young men?) doing the same at Black Canyon this summer, too."

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