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Rancher shares genius way homeowner cleared 40 acres of weeds in 28 hours: 'I have a few acres I'd love to have eaten up'

The TikToker shared a 65-second video of the process.

Goatscaping is effective against weeds, brush, and invasive plants.

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Maybe goats are the GOAT.

At least when it came to clearing unwanted vegetation, these ruminants have earned the "greatest of all time" moniker.

A year ago, TikToker cowboymax (@cowboymax) shared a 65-second video of "goatscaping" that went viral, sparking 390,000-plus likes and over 2,000 comments.

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How it works

The animals were tasked with munching on the vegetation in a yard because a "homeowner wanted more room for her dog to run," cowboymax wrote.

"They've goat a lot of work to do," one viewer joked.

Consisting of different sizes and colors, bearded and not, and at least one with a giant udder, the goats filed down a path and toward their buffet. A few began chomping right away while others moseyed around.

"I love that they are smelling the bushes to select the best bush," one user said.

Goats are available for hire for jobs like this across the United States. They are effective against weeds, brush, and invasive plants, according to Goats on the Go, which touts the animals as an alternative to poisonous herbicides or carbon dioxide-spewing equipment.

How it's helping

Only 28 hours after the 40 goats arrived, the land had been all but cleared.

Goats have a reputation for eating almost anything, but really, they might just be picky. Still, they are used for a variety of projects and can help ecosystems.

In California, goats reduce wildfire hazards. In Minnesota, they controlled invasive plants in a study. And in a study in Japan, they restored agriculture.

Goats are also a source of milk, meat, fibers, and manure.

What everyone's saying

Some commenters noted goats are used to control vegetation on solar farms, though others pointed out that sheep work better because they don't jump or climb on the panels and won't chew on electrical cables.

"How much does it cost to rent the goats for a day (or more)? I have a few acres I'd love to have eaten up and mowing service is expensive," wrote one commenter.

A couple of users vied for the best joke.

"Not me thinking GOATS was an acronym for a plant removal service, not actual live goats," said one.

"Are they unionized?" another asked.

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