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Outrage ensues after video captures entitled tourist attempting life-threatening stunt: 'This isn't cool or funny'

"Why would an adult do this foolishness?"

"Why would an adult do this foolishness?"

Photo Credit: Instagram

The TouronsOfYellowstone (@touronsofyellowstone) Instagram account has delved through the archives to provide an example of what not to do when visiting national parks.

This particular video was filmed at Glacier National Park, specifically at St. Mary Falls. It shows a tourist sitting on a fallen tree trunk straddling the 35-foot drop, with the water rushing furiously behind her.

After a few seconds, she realizes that she needs to get away from the precarious perch, and she proceeds to shuffle along the trunk with her legs on either side.

It's a perilous exit, and although she makes the journey unscathed, it could have been a different story on another day.

The water flowing over the edge of the falls travels at incredible speeds, and it's also ice cold, meaning a serious shock and possible hypothermia should anyone fall in — not to mention the sheer drop that will likely end in serious injury or worse.

Viewers on Instagram were stunned at the foolishness on display, with one noting that she put her life in real danger.

"Do they get arrested and charged with something?" one user asked. "Or a huge fine? This isn't cool or funny."

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"Great way to die in front of your family and ruin a day hike for every other person there," added another. 

The latter comment is a great point. If something had happened to the rule-breaker, it could have easily traumatized other visitors who were trying to enjoy the park's natural beauty. Furthermore, it's likely the privileges of future visitors who do follow the rules would be restricted for fear of it happening again.

But at least it was only herself that she put in danger. One visitor to the Lower Falls at Yellowstone National Park led a child closer to freezing, surging water after climbing over a fence.

"Children, photographers, boaters, rafters, swimmers, and fishermen have fallen victim to these rapidly flowing, frigid streams and glacial lakes," the National Park Service's website says about Glacier National Park. "Never walk, play, or climb on slippery rocks or logs, especially near waterfalls."

The rules are quite clear, and previous incidents show that it's not unheard of for even the people most experienced with water to land themselves in the icy pools. 

Park rangers are surely tired of entitled tourists showing little respect for the environment, whether going off designated paths or bothering local wildlife. But they are there to protect visitors, animals, and the area's natural features, and rules are put in place to help them do so.

"Why, WHY would an adult do this foolishness??" one Instagrammer questioned.

"Nature is going to start fighting back. This is getting ridiculous!" another person wrote.   

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