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Top 5 exercise tracking apps for the summer

No matter what your goals are, these apps can help you get there.

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Now it's easier than ever to make the most of your workouts. This summer, try these five exercise-tracking apps to help you hit your goals:

Map My Fitness by Underarmour

Using this app helps you train both smarter and harder! Map My Fitness tracks basically everything for you, from your routes to your pace, from your stride length to even your speed changes. And for those invested in the best possible workout, this app can pair with Underarmour smart shoes to give you even more info about your runs. 

7 Minute Workout

When you care about your workout but don't have all day, this app could be for you. The 7 Minute Fitness app, which has free and premium versions, analyzes your workouts so you can learn what's helping with your gains. It also has tons of great workout videos so you can find the best ones for you.

Inclusive health tracker

Think of Verv as an all-inclusive health tracker. It goes above and beyond by helping you plan your workouts, meals, and sleep schedule, all in one place. Verv has several subscription plans for those who want to live healthier lives but don't want to figure out everything themselves.

Motivation on a run exercise tracking apps

Ever need motivation on a run? The Zombies, Run! app gives you a little push by telling you that zombies are chasing you when it's time to pick up the pace. The gamified running app, with more than a million players, helps you have a bit of fun while maintaining your motivation on your runs. 

Helps in improving your runs

Runtastic helps with more than just improving your runs. You design your own training plan and watch yourself progress. This exercise tracking app is great for when you need to target specific muscle groups, or if you like working out at your own pace. Runtastic has some free workouts but also offers a premium subscription service.

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