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EV driver shares frustrating photo of diesel truck's deceitful tactics used at charging station: 'Even hung the plug on his truck bed stake hole'

"Why [do] people feel so threatened by electric vehicles… ugh."

"Why [do] people feel so threatened by electric vehicles... ugh."

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Electric vehicle charging stations are a precious commodity — a key part of the infrastructure that allows drivers to utilize gas-less cars and trucks to avoid polluting our planet on our daily commutes. That's why this rude behavior captured by a Redditor is downright infuriating.

In the r/BadParking subreddit, a user posted photos of a standard, non-EV pickup truck in an electric vehicle charging spot, blocking EV drivers from using their designated space to refuel. 

"Why [do] people feel so threatened by electric vehicles... ugh."
Photo Credit: Reddit

If that's not annoying enough, the driver also attempted to trick other drivers into thinking that they actually were using the EV charger. 

"Parked his diesel in an EV spot, and even hung the plug on his truck bed stake hole to make it look like he was using the station," the user wrote in their caption.

That means the driver can't plead ignorance about the spot's EV exclusivity — they knew that they weren't supposed to park there and did so anyway.

It's small but selfish decisions like these that lead to our planet overheating. As some drivers continue to choose vehicles that run on traditional fuel sources like petroleum, their vehicles release dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere, which directly contributes to rising global temperatures as well as human health issues like asthma and other respiratory problems.

Fortunately, these kinds of bad actors won't be as impactful in the future as EV infrastructure continues to expand nationwide and around the world. Germany may soon mandate that 80% of all gasoline stations also include EV chargers, 35 American states are getting a whopping 500,000 new charging stations from federal funding, and Texas alone is installing 50 new charging stations along its highways. The more charging stations for EVs to refuel in, the less it will matter when non-EVs take up their spaces.

Users expressed their irritation toward the truck driver in the comment section. 

"It sure would be a shame if somebody wedged a pebble in his tire stem," one user wrote.

"Why [do] people feel so threatened by electric vehicles... ugh," another user said.

"Block the truck and plug in your EV. If there's tow truck number, they would be delighted," a third user suggested.

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