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Commuter baffled after being interrogated by police for riding his e-bike at night: 'They then tried to find more reasons to confiscate my bike'

"You should report them."

"You should report them."

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A Georgia resident was left confused after being confronted by local police for an unexpected reason.

The resident recounted their story on Reddit in the r/ebikes subreddit, explaining that police stopped him for riding his e-bike. The officers apparently "didn't know what an [e-bike] was and why I was riding in the road," so they ran his license.

Even after explaining his reasoning, the user was subjected to further interrogation before the officers had no choice but to let him go.

"In Georgia, U.S., it's illegal to ride any vehicle on the sidewalk, should only ride on roads, and they don't have bike lanes in my city," the user wrote. "I asked them where should I ride it if I can't ride in the road and they couldn't answer. Lol. They then tried to find more reasons to confiscate my bike I guess asking where's my front lights (which were strapped on the handlebars)."

Unsurprisingly, commenters were also confused about why the original poster was forced to have an interaction like that — especially considering that there are frequent occurrences of more pressing traffic violations that require police attention.

"Damn meanwhile I've ran traffic lights and [stop] signs right in front of cops in my area without a problem multiple times and I mean often I see them see me too," one commenter wrote.

"You should report them for not being educated," another stated. "Like you're well within your legal rights with what you were doing."

Riding e-bikes is a great way to do your part in improving the environment. E-bikes and scooters have been proven to reduce carbon pollution and traffic congestion, marking a significant decrease in pollution and a big win for clean energy.

It's important to know the local laws and regulations regarding e-bikes in your area. Some places have specific rules about riding e-bikes after dark, such as requiring lights or reflective gear, which are meant to keep riders safe and visible. 

If you're following all the local laws and riding safely, you should carry documentation or a summary of e-bike regulations with you. One commenter provided a link to Georgia's e-bike laws that the user could keep in handy for future interactions with police.

However, if you've been following the rules and are still being stopped frequently, it might be worth reaching out to a local cycling advocacy group or even legal counsel for advice tailored to your situation.

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